PREVIOUS BOX- Vile Vixens Mystery Box

PREVIOUS BOX- Vile Vixens Mystery Box

The Wicked Vault

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Check out this unboxing video from one of our awesome customers!

The 3rd Series of our newly added Mystery Boxes is the Vile Vixens theme!

Sultry, Sinister & Psycho.... what more could you want?

Limited Boxes Available!

Each box includes 5-6 items! (And not rinky-dink little pieces either!)

Created by collectors - for collectors! Each box will have a wide variety of wicked awesome themed items that may include a number of the following: Apparel, Figures, Decor, Masks, Music, etc... Each series will be a different theme and will never feature the same items! This is not a subscription box, so feel free to pick and choose based on your favorite themes! 

*Not available for the Lay-Buys purchase option*