The Dead Serious Return Policy

Upon reading this you have been warned, once the button has been clicked, you have now become part of the Wicked! There is no turning back... so BEWARE... we will not accept a cancellation request, no matter how much you scream! You are now bound and beholden to your order forever...mwhahaha! Okay... got a little carried away there...
Seriously though, if you aren't 100% serious about your killer purchase, then just come back when you are more than serious. We mean it...seriously. 
When you've seriously considered becoming serious, check out out the finely-copied details direct from the manufacturer's website, because we can totally do that since we're their retailer ha ha ha..   
Definitely DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR MOTHER'S ADVICE and read all of the fine print! It just basically, in a nutshell, sort of kind of says we own your big deal. Not a thing. You probably won't even notice. To be completely serious, because we allow absolutely no joking of any kind around here! (Totally joking, of course!)
Seriously. All of the information you need to know about the product of your wicked heart's desire is on the product page. Any updates may (will) be added to the same page as we receive them.
We may (will) accept returns or exchanges on manufacturing defects ONLY. This is the real fine print that is actually serious...seriously, so please pay attention: (Ahem..)
A manufacturing defect is defined by the all-knowing Wikipedia as the following:
"A product defect is any characteristic of a product which hinders its usability for the purpose for which it was designed and manufactured."
Basically meaning.... just send pictures of any defects or damage (including the box the item was shipped in) to and we'll chat with you about your order and take each request on a case by case basis. Maybe. Possibly. We'll think about it. Depends if we've had coffee or not. Maybe. 
DISCLAIMER: Because apparently you need those nowadays... WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY...SERIOUSLY...ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:
1. CUSTOMER HEADS- All masks are 100% hand made to order (seriously!) and are made from screen-used materials (yes...seriously from the movie). The masks are sculpted to fit the average human head. If it doesn't fit, you must.... get creative! (See what we did there?! If not, you're too young to be on this page... kidding again! We're 100% family-friendly and that's the most serious we've been all day...really! 
In all absolute and complete, total seriousness... put your mask on mask holder and display it in all of it's gory glory! 
2. PIRATES- Unless they're evil, skeleton pirates risen from the watery grave to walk the earth, then no... we had absolutely, in no way at all, positively NOTHING to do with the porch pirates that stole your wicked treasures! We maybe had a little something to do with the evil pirate, skeleton things. Maybe. I don't know, I'll check with Luigi. Yeah... we have a Luigi. We're seriously that cool! 
Seriously. Check with the carrier and your local police department. Once the item leaves our shop, it is out of our hands, literally. We can't touch it. It's gone. We may (will) always help work with the carrier to find your item should it get lost along the way. We're serious about that.
3. THE AX- You know what they say, if there's no proof...I mean... umm.. product...I seriously meant product.
Seriously. Really. Stupid auto-correct, right!? If the manufacturer cancels an item prior to it's release, we may (will) offer a refund in full for any pre-order placed for that item. However, due to the greedy goblins guarding the banks, certain financial institutions may have a time-limit in which a refund may be processed. If this is the case, we may (will) offer you a store credit in the amount of your pre-order total. This is a rare case that an item actually cancels.
We have very seriously and for the most part considered the following statement:
(We're very serious about this. So please take us seriously.) 
We will NOT cater to what we refer to as #FirstWorldProblems. Yep. That's actually a thing. Look it up. This includes the following, but is not limited to anything else really very serious. 
Negative opinions, repeated order status requests or order "bump" requests. Nope. Not gonna do it. No line-skippers allowed. We ship in order of receipt. So there. 100% serious. 
These are seriously not a productive use of time for the wicked ones sending out tricks and treats or your seriously (truly) valuable time that could be spent conjuring spirits or living deliciously like Phillip. 
We make a seriously honest promise to all of our wicked customers, that we will update you at every point in the order process, from beginning to end. We welcome any and all requests, we just ask that you not overload us with multiple requests. We will respond fast because we hate waiting, so why should you? 
If you have made it this far, then we commend you wicked one! You are welcomed into the wicked community and expected to remember everything, seriously everything we said above. Memorized by heart. We'll know. We're serious. Dead serious.